How To End Delayed Ejaculation

Not being able to ejaculate is a real pain in the butt. For both partners. And if it happens during masturbation as well, that’s too bad for the man – he gets no ejaculations at all. 

Represents hard male erectionThe great news is, treatment is easier than you think. 

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The Keys to Natural Ejaculation

Men who cannot reach orgasm are seen very differently from women who can;t reach orgasm.

Both partners need to be involved in the solution.

Finding a solution is most successful when you and your partner are involved, and when your approach is broad-minded and open to all possible techniques that might help.

And working at home, you have the benefit of privacy. That way, you and your partner can explore any underlying emotional causes. And that will help you enjoy sex more, have a better relationship, and become more intimate, safely and lovingly.

Here’s How To Overcome Delayed Ejaculation…

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A Brief Video About Things
That Might Delay A Man’s Ejaculation


Delays reaching climax for the man are a problem for his partner too.

Why? Because it makes sex into hard work for both partners and deprives them of loads of sexual satisfaction.

Sometimes there are issues about not being able to conceive a baby.

And although some women do reach multiple orgasms if their partner continues to make love to them for long periods of time, it’s a lot more common for a delay in reaching orgasm to produce anger, frustration, lack of intimacy, shame, guilt, and conflict.

As you can guess, there are many things that affect how fast or slow any particular man will reach his climax and whether or not he will ejaculate during intercourse.

But there are also plenty of common factors which seem to play a role in all men with delayed ejaculation. (By the way, this problem is also known as retarded ejaculation.)

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The Inequality & Unfairness Of Delayed Ejaculation

Frigid woman

This book was published in 1953 – it wouldn’t be given such a denigrating title nowadays

I think it’s worth keeping in mind the fact that many years ago a woman who couldn’t achieve orgasm, or who had a low libido, was very often described as “frigid”.

While frigid is a really demeaning word, so is “retarded”. With that in mind, let’s all remember that nowadays most people think it’s OK if a woman doesn’t manage to achieve orgasm during sex.

We also think it’s fine these days for a woman to reach orgasm in other ways, such as by enjoying masturbation.

So why are men who can’t reach orgasm STILL seen in such a negative way?

In short, why are men who can’t come almost universally seen very differently from women who can’t come during sex?

That has to be true, because delayed ejaculation looks like a shameful secret – few men admit to having it.

And isn’t it true that if a man can only reach orgasm through masturbation, and not during sexual intercourse, we tend to think he has a physical or emotional problem?

Or, at the very least, that he has an very unusual problem?

And so he has – though the problem may simply be that loads of people are telling him he has a problem…… or that he thinks there’s something wrong with him!

Meanwhile, his partner might think he doesn’t reach climax and come in her because she’s just not attractive enough to arouse him to the point of orgasm – she may even believe she is incapable of satisfying him sexually.

Please keep those thoughts in the back of your mind as you read through this website.

Down below are some simple but important points to be aware of before you begin the treatment (click here to get it).

In particular, if you are a couple dealing with this issue, make sure that the woman is empowered so that she can say confidently when she wants the man to stop thrusting, or if, for example, she needs extra lube during intercourse to continue enjoying it.

Ensure you talk to each other about this problem!

Ensure you talk to each other about this problem!

Also, please ensure you can talk to each other about this. You need to be able to communicate what you’re thinking and feeling about each other, and the man’s delay in reaching orgasm, even if only at a simple level!

This will help ensure these sexual problems don’t cause a major split between you. You don’t want a rift in your relationship.

And when you can stop the pressure from building up on you and your partner, you’ll also stop major disagreements before they even start.

Sex therapy

Sex therapy

Two good explanations of ejaculatory problems which many people have found helpful are a piece in Sandra Leiblum’s book “Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy” (a new edition of which has now been published – see picture) and the relevant section in David Rowland and Luca Incrocci’s book, “Handbook of Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders”.


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