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One of the big sexual dysfunctions for men is premature ejaculation, which is well-known and discussed widely on the Internet nowadays.

Much less well known as a condition called delayed ejaculation, in which a man is unable to ejaculate during sex and perhaps even during masturbation.

At first sight you might find this astounding! We all have a view of male sexuality as something that is ever present and always ready to surge into action. So the idea that a man might find it difficult to reach climax and ejaculate seems very strange to most of us.

And by the way, you’re not alone. One man in twelve finds it difficult to reach orgasm……

But if you’re a man with this particular issue, you’ll know that it can be a real challenge. 

Sex can last for a long time — sometimes even hours, without the slightest hint of orgasm and ejaculation, and your partner can become sore, frustrated and eventually angry as she tries to understand what’s going on.

In fact, some men with delayed ejaculation find the reaction of their partner can be one of the biggest problems: she may assume that she’s unattractive, or that you don’t desire her, but in any event it’s rarely a happy situation for both partners.

What makes this condition even worse, perhaps, is that very few men who have it seemed to want to seek treatment.

That’s ironic, because delayed ejaculation treatment isn’t actually very difficult — provided, of course, that you use the correct techniques.

And the way you approach the solution is dependent on what’s causing it. That’s where the trouble starts.

You see, there are many causes of delayed ejaculation, and they’re not all very obvious.

Perhaps the most obvious is when a man has learned to masturbate with a hard, fast technique using a lot of pressure — he has simply conditioned himself to ejaculate only in response to a level of stimulation which is impossible to replicate during sexual intercourse.

And then there are the deeper causes, where emotions and inhibitions deep in the subconscious mind affect a man’s attitude to sex in such a way that he finds it difficult to get aroused and ejaculate. No matter that he may have a hard erection!

If you look at this very carefully, you generally find men with delayed ejaculation are NOT really sexually aroused, so the solution often depends on finding way for a man to increase his level of sexual arousal. That way, he will be able to reach his “point of no return” and ejaculate without difficulty.

On this website I look at all of these issues, and I aim to explain them all simply and clearly, so that you can enjoy rewarding, powerful orgasms in a normal timescale with your partner.

You might find, like I do, that watching a video can be more helpful than reading text.

So down below I’m going to put a number of videos that you can watch about different aspects of the problem.

I think they’re a very good summary of delayed ejaculation and what can cause it — although since I recorded them, you would expect me to say that!

The thing I want to get across more than anything else, though, is that I’ve worked with delayed ejaculation in men for a long period of time now — about 12 years, in fact.

What I know for sure is that many men who have this problem despair of ever achieving normal ejaculation, and that is a mistake.

If you use the correct treatment regime, apply a little bit of commitment, and practice the fun, pleasurable sexual exercises with your partner, exercises designed to re-sensitize your body to sexual stimulation, you can be ejaculating normally within a few weeks in the majority of cases.

And by “normally”, what I mean is within the normal range of male variability — that is to say, like the 80% of men who ejaculate within 10 minutes of penetration.

So if that sounds like a pleasant alternative to thrusting for hours without managing to reach climax, I guess you’re right with me here on this site, looking for a solution — and that’s what you’re going to find. An easy, effective, self-help program to end delayed ejaculation that you can apply at home, in privacy, without seeing a sex therapist, counselor, or doctor face-to-face.

After all, who would want to go through the embarrassment of discussing something so intimate and challenging with a counsellor or therapist? Most likely, someone who’s never experienced the effects of being unable to ejaculate during sexual intercourse?

One thing I do mention to all my clients, whether they are on the Internet or in person, is that if you’re having relationship difficulties, they certainly can be a part of the problem.

And you might need to look at some of the deeper issues in your relationship in a way that you haven’t done before. But then again, no doubt you’re ready to do that, because you’re here, looking for a solution for your delayed ejaculation — and that’s what’s on offer to you on this website.

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